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Meet the Team

Helle Byrn
Interior Architect and CEO, Chairman and Founder

Helle´s passion has her entire life been a passion for Design and for creating beautiful spaces. Biggest project has been the foundation in 1995 of Marbella Design Academy.

Frank Ortega
Architect and Course Director

Course Director, Link Tutor with our UK Partner University and Tutor on the Interior Architecture Validated Programme

Gualberto Cerron - Marbella Design Academy
Gualberto Cerrón
Interior Architect and Principal

Principal of the Marbella Design Academy. Contribute to the daily running of the Academy.

Charlotte McLaren - Marbella Design Academy
Charlotte Bech Byrn
Management Accountant and Finance Director

Finance Director at Marbella Design Academy and responsible for quarterly accounting and all finance related issues.

Rachel Parker
BA (Hons) in History and Sociology, Advanced Diploma in Logistics, Postgraduate Leadership and Man-Management Course and Equal Opportunities and Diversity Advisor. Secretary and Student Support

Rachel is a very important person at the Academy providing secretarial and administrative support to the Academy and staff members, as well as being the point of contact on Student Support, answering all enquiries and providing excellent advice and support to student administrative and pastoral issues.

Benedicte Byrn - Marbella Design Academy
Benedicte Byrn
BA (Hons) Graphic Design from Marbella Design Academy.

Works in the Marketing Department together with Fabrice responsible for all the marketing layout of the Academy. Benedictes job as a Graphic Designer in our Marketing Department has endless creative issues to be solved within Graphic Design. Benedicte is in charge of the creative expression of all our marketing material and she is a master in working with PhotoShop.

Fabrice Durand
BTS (Superior Technician Degree) of Advertising and Marketing.

Fabrice has the very important job of being in charge of our Marketing Department together with Benedicte. It is a big job with many different aspects to be solved and carried out within Marketing and Graphic Design.

Diana Toma
Degree in Communication and Business. Secretary in the Administration

Diana is Administration Secretary at Marbella Design Academy. Diana is in charge of the overall communication and organisation between the different Departments.

Jean Pierre Costa - Marbella Design Academy
Jean Pierre M. Costa
Graphic Designer from Universidad IADE, Lisbon. Head of the Foundation Course.

Jean Pierre has been a professional designer and teacher for more than 20 years within the fields of graphic, industrial, interior and web design

René Coster
BA Fashion/Accessories Design. Head of our Bachelor of Arts Validated programme in Fashion Design & Manufacture Department at Marbella Design Academy.

René is Head of our Fashion Design & Manufacture Department. René is responsible for all aspects of the Fashion Department and the 3-year Bachelor of Arts Validated programme in Fashion Design & Manufacture.

Alberto Leonardo
Head of our 3-year Bachelor of Arts Validated programme in Graphic Design & Media at Marbella Design Academy.

Alberto. Graphic Designer BA and Master. Alberto has been with us for many years with big success. We are so happy to have such a skilled Head of our Graphic Design & Media Department. Alberto is highly educated with: Master of Fine Arts in Computer Art, San Pablo CEU, Spain. Bachelor in Jewellery Design EASD Valencia, Spain. Fine Arts degree, Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, Spain

Caterina Sposato
Caterina. PhD in Advanced Technologies for the Future of Architecture & Design. Head of our 3-year Bachelor of Arts Validated programme in Interior Architecture & Design.

We are so lucky to have an expert in Advanced Technologies for the Future of Architecture & Design who has a Doctor degree in Environmental Strategies. Caterina is a big asset for our Interior Architect students.

Elisabet Cuesta Hauge
Master in Fashion Design, Master of Fine Arts in Computer Art, Pedagogical Adaptation Certificate and a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts. Tutor in Fashion Design.

Elisabet, Eli is a multitalented and very well educated designer whom we are so fortunate to have employed as Tutor in our Fashion Design & Manufacture Department at Marbella Design Academy

Natalia Rivera
Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Design. Tutor in Fashion Design.

Natalia Rivera is a passionate fashion designer. Highly driven and very creative. We are pleased to have Natalia onboard our great Fashion Design Team in our Fashion Design & Manufacture Department.

Elvira Rodríguez Ruiz
Architect and Tutor at our Bachelor of Arts Validated programme in Interior Architecture & Design.

Elvira is Tutor on our the 3-year BA (Hons) Validated Interior Architecture & Design programme. We are so lucky to have got Elvira on board our excellent Team.

Gianluca Emmi
PHD and MA in Architecture. Tutor in Interior Architecture and Design.

Marbella Design Academy, Gianluca Emmi, Architect and Designer. Tutor in the Interior Architecture & Design Department. Our students are benefitting so much from Gianlucas creative and professional talents.

Andrea Giorgi
Tutor Interior Architecture/Graphic Design.

Andrea is a tutor for our Interior Architect Students as well as for our Graphic Design Students. Andrea guide his students with focus on design as a combination of function and aesthetics with a user friendly experience.

Lucy Banu

Our sweet Angel in the student restaurant - GAUDI. We are all spoild with nice lunches and wonderful cakes:-)

Isa - Marbella Design Academy
Isa Ríos

Our fantastic kitchen assistant and caretaker. Isa also makes the best cup of coffee and she always has a smile on her face 🙂

Pepe, Jose Rojas Luna
Gardener and Caretaker at our Academy

Pepe, Jose Rojas Luna is our Gardener and Caretaker keeping an eye on things to be maintained and improved both inside and outside the Academy. We are very fortunate to have Pepe on board. He is fulfilling his job with great passion and dedication.

Paqui Guzmann Puerto
Cleaner at Marbella Design Academy

Paqui is the best cleaner on the planet and keeps our Academy nice, clean and organised, which is a big job to handle with so many students and staff members.

Super sweet school dog

LISA is our wonderful sweet San Bernard dog and beloved mascot. LISA is at school between 8.00 and 16.00 on Fridays only.