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About Us

Marbella Design Academy was founded in 1995 and has, after 25 years of experience, developed into the modern, excellent Academy we have today.

Marbella Design Academy is an exclusive design school with a family-like atmosphere among students and staff who originate from around the world.

The maximum number of places available is 230. The students receive a great deal of personal attention and one-to-one tuition from their teachers.

We are constantly expanding and improving our curriculum to the latest marked demands. The atmosphere is energetic, creative and inspiring. We encourage our students to collaborate and experiment with their designs, in either small groups or with one-to-one tuition sessions with their tutor. Although the work is intensive, everybody collaborates in a casual, warm and informal atmosphere.


Our students at Marbella Design Academy enjoy a very special way of life. Not only are they taught at a professional academic level, they also benefit from the attractive Spanish lifestyle. The weather is the best in Europe with more than 300 sunny days per year, which is such a boost for their personal wellbeing. Student accommodation, situated in the lovely and inspiring environment in the picturesque village of Monda, is of a good standard and fantastic value for money.

The cost of living is one of the lowest in Europe. Being a student at Marbella Design Academy in the South of Spain is less of a financial burden as studying in many other parts of the world,  and therefore most of the students can concentrate on their studies and do not need to waste valuable time on additional paid work after tuition hours.  They can enjoy life and the Spanish atmosphere. You will probably have the best time of your life here.                      

Marbella Design Academy - Lifestyle

Mission and Aims

Our mission is to provide a stimulating and complete design education that lives up to the latest market demands, leading to a rewarding and well sought after profession. We aim to develop all the necessary skills needed to solve the wide variety of real-life design challenges that are faced by professional designers today. Our aims are to support and develop individual creativity and nurture artistic skills. We also prepare the students for the increasing demands of the market with respect to quality of presentation, style, aesthetics and psychology relating to the design environment.

Our Academy Building

The Marbella Design Academy building was completed in August 2008. It has been designed entirely by the Founder, Helle Byrn and has been designed in Andalusian style to integrate with the beautiful Spanish environment. Our Academy building meets all of the stringent demands and requirements of a modern design academy. On completion, the Academy gained State Recognition by the Ministry of Education in Spain.

Marbella Design Academy - About Us - The School

All tutors are professionals within their respective fields

Our tutors are architects, graphic designers, interior architects, furniture designers, fashion designers, photographers, product designers, artists and many more. They all have an academic background and are active designers and professionals, which ensures practical experience as well as high academic quality. In addition to the permanent staff, the Academy also invites guest artists and specialist designers to lecture on a regular basis.

Students come to us from all over the world

Students from around the globe come to study at Marbella Design Academy. Originating from more than 57 different countries, all of our students find great inspiration when studying alongside others of different nationalities and cultural backgrounds. The students inspire each other through working on their design projects in an international cross-cultural atmosphere.

Marbella Design Academy - Students All Over The World

The Latest Software Applications

All the Marbella Design Academy programmes are constantly updated according to latest market demands of a professional design education. You will, for example, from your very first year of study be introduced to professional software applications that are essential to becoming a successful designer. Among other skills taught, the software applications utilised include InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Adobe Premier, CAD and 3D Programmes. The exact applications you will encounter vary according to the course that you have chosen. Please contact the Academy for further advice.

Tuition is in English and in small groups

All classes are held in English. They are also held in small groups, thus allowing plenty of teacher-student interaction. This provides the opportunity for frequent one-to-one tuition, a significant factor contributing to the excellent academic results our students are able to achieve.

Marbella Design Academy has an academic level that competes with some of the best design educations in the world. Our website features examples and videos of some of our students’ work, which will clearly illustrate this..

Marbella Design Academy - Small Groups

Employment rate near 100%

Our graduate students have an employment rate of nearly a hundred percent, a clear indication of the quality of education they have received. Please see all the information on our courses by visiting our website.

Marbella Design Academy - Graduates


Marbella Design Academy is located in Monda, just a short walk from the centre of the village. Our students have a beautiful short distance walk to the Academy; they are not wasting time or money on public transportation. Monda is a charming, typically Spanish village, which is only 15 km from Marbella and a 25 minute drive from the cultural centre of Malaga.

Monda has many beautiful small squares, restaurants and bars. 80% of students live in Monda which has given the village a university campus atmosphere. The town is surrounded by the stunning Spanish countryside, offering a variety of local leisure opportunities, such as horse riding, hiking, motor cross, football, basketball, flamenco dancing and Spanish guitar classes, to mention just a few. In nearby Coín and Marbella you will find even more leisure facilities. Marbella is a lively, picturesque, cosmopolitan town, very well known for its jet-set; nightlife and beautiful beaches.

Marbella Design Academy - About Us - Monda


There is a reliable local bus service that runs to and from Marbella and Málaga and which connects to other nearby cities, towns and villages.

Award-winning Academy

Marbella Design Academy has won the Costa del Sol Business Award for being the best integrated foreign institution in Andalucía.

Our History

Marbella Design Academy - Born in 1995


Marbella Design Academy opened the doors to its first students 1 October 1995.

Marbella Design Academy - The School


Marbella Design Academy is Founded 1 October 1995 in down town Marbella. In August 2008 the Academy moved from Marbella to its current location in the tranquil town of Monda, occupying a new venue purposely built to fulfil the requirements expected of an official higher education institution. The large building occupies some 2.000m2 on a 10.000m2 campus and has all the necessary space and facilities of a modern design academy.

Marbella Design Academy - Recognised from the Spanish Ministry in Education.


In 2009 the Marbella Design Academy gained state recognition from the Spanish Ministry of Education.

Marbella Design Academy - Start of the Validated Programmes


Since 2015 graduate students from Marbella Design Academy on the BA Validated programmes are awarded official Bachelor of Arts – BA (Hons) degrees by our UK partner University.

Marbella Design Academy - June 2015 Graduation


Two intakes per year. In September and January for our 3 year Bachelor of Arts validated programmes in:
Interior Architecture & Design
Graphic Design & Media and Fashion Design & Manufacture 

These Bachelor of Arts validated programmes are validated and quality assured by our UK partner – University of Bedfordshire who award our students their Bachelor of Arts degrees after graduating from Marbella Design Academy.

Each academic year is quality controlled by external examiners. Students who successfully complete one of these validated programmes and graduate from Marbella Design Academy are awarded an official BA (Hons) degree by our UK partner – University of Bedfordshire.