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Marbella Design Academy support charity and also the children and people of Ukraine.


Children and their families urgently need water, health care and protection
MARBELLA DESIGN ACADEMY, has helped UNICEF to provide urgent emergency support to Ukraine.
Time is critical. More help is urgently needed!
Children and their families in Ukraine are facing a deadly crisis.
The War in Ukraine is devastating to watch and hear about, posing an imminent threat to millions of children and their families. We ask: WHY? Just few months ago they all lived a peaceful and safe life in a democratic country. The children, as all other children in Europe, went to school, played in the streets and had a cosy family life. Because of Putins insane aggression towards the families of Ukraine, millions have now been forcibly displaced away from their homes and family members and thousands of innocent lives on both sides have been lost for NO valuable reason. The humanitarian need for help is tremendous!
With the war intensifying, Ukraine is being more and more destroyed, pulverised on the demand of Putin and many more children and families are at risk. The War – Putin has to be stopped!

Marbella Design Academy has donated 1.000Euros in support to Ukraine. A drop in the ocean off the urgent help needed. We at the Academy please beg everyone to help with as little or as much as they can until PUTIN has been stopped in his evil mission to destroy Ukraine and its people!

We encourage everyone to donate what they can afford to UNICEF (or any other serious help organisation) for them to continue providing emergency support and helping children and their families in Ukraine.

UNICEF cannot do this without your help.
UNICEF Spain Team, thank you in advance for all the support given.

Marbella Design Academy is also supporting Ecuador for clean drinking water

Marbella Design Academy support charity! is a charity organisation helping tribes around the world having clean drinking water.

Present our Academy is donating funds to a project for clean drinking water to the natives in the jungle of South Ecuador. Many tribes in the rain forrest suffer because of polluted water in the rivers. Polluted due to our globalised World. Oil and gold searching companies among others are polluting the rivers. The tribe people drinking of the rivers are getting sick… The tribes have the rights to clean drinking water and they need help to get it. 

Marbella Design Academy is proud to be on board such a beautiful project helping the tribes in the jungle with water filters for them having clean water.

Right now our Charity Ambassador Alistair Imrie representing Marbella Design Academy is in the jungle in Ecuador with staff from to help the Kitchwa tribe in Sarayaku with their poor water situation. They are erecting water filtration systems at the river so the Kitchwa tribe can have clean drinking water. And best of all, we know that our donations are going 100% to the people who needs it! 

All donations given to are a helping hand! Donations can be given via this website: Donation to