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Marbella Design Academy - Students Leisure

Academic Calendar & Holidays

January 2021

11th January: Academic year begins for all new 1st year Students.

18th January: Term begins (September intake)

February 2021

22th February to 26th February (inc.): Winter Holiday

March 2021 & April 2021

15th March: March – Design Foundation Course Starts (+ 87 days until and included 11th June)

26th March: End of Term

29th March to 2nd April (inc.): Academy closed for Easter Vacation

5th April: Term begins

May 2021

1st May: Spanish Public Holiday Dia del Trabajo – Academy closed

27th May: Board of Study

June 2021

22nd June:  Publication of progression decisions and final qualification results.

11th June: End of the March – Design Foundation Course

25th June at 20.00: EXPO and Graduation Party and End of Academic year (September students).

28th June: June – Design Foundation Course Starts (+ 87 days until and included 17th September)

July 2021

12th July: Start of the following Summer Courses: AutoCad, Illustrator, Photography Basic, Fashion Design, Interior Decoration.

26th July: Start of the following Summer Courses: 3D Studio MAX, Photoshop, Videography + Premier PRO.

August 2021

13th August: End of Academic year (January students on the accelerated programme)

15th August: National Holiday. Academy closed.

September 2021

30th August to 3rd September: Re-assessment week

17th September: June – Design Foundation Course ends

6th September: Progression Board for re-assessments

10th September: September Publication of progression decisions

27th September: Academic year begins on the Bachelor of Arts Validated Programmes (September intake and Accelerated January intake) and the September – Design Foundation Course Starts (+ 86 days until and included 10th December)

October 2021

12th October: Spanish Public Holiday Nuestro Señora del Pilar – Academy closed

19th October: Local Holiday – Academy closed

November 2021

2nd November: Spanish Public Holiday – Academy closed

12th November: Board of Study

December 2021

6th & 8th December: Spanish Public Holidays – Academy Closed.

10th December: End of Term for Students on the Bachelor of Arts Validated programmes. End of the September – Design Foundation Course.

22nd December 2021 to the 10th January 2022: Academy closed for Christmas.