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BA (Hons) Validated Programme in Fashion Design & Manufacture

Next intakes are January 2019 and September 2019.

Study Fashion Design & Manufacture at Marbella Design Academy in sunny Spain and be awarded an official Bachelor of Arts degree in Fashion Design & Manufacture by our UK partner – University of Bedfordshire.

Fee per academic year: 10.800Euros, starts twice per year, in September and in January.

New introduction for the 8th of January 2019 intake. This January´s intake will enjoy an accelerated programme which allows you to complete the academic stage of training in 2.5 years, instead of the normal 3 years. Upon successful completion you will be awarded a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Degree, in Fashion Design & Manufacture by our UK partner, University of Bedfordshire. You will start in January and study continuously through Summer till August and progress into the second year in September of the same year. This means that you will be able to save on living costs during your studies and enter employment more quickly.  When you have satisfactorily completed your first year you will have four weeks of Summer holiday before starting your 2nd year on the16th of September 2019. 

This three-year Bachelor of Arts validated Fashion Design & Manufacture programme offered to our students is developed, delivered and assessed by Marbella Design Academy and Validated by University of Bedfordshire.

When awarded your undergraduate Bachelor of Arts degree by University of Bedfordshire, then you can apply for a Master’s degree at any university of your choice.

Fashion Design is the application of art, creativity and aesthetics to clothing and other lifestyle accessories. It is a global business and one of the largest employers of the world workforce. This exciting, lucrative and growing market sector has many rich employment opportunities for fashion graduates including fashion design, fashion buying, pattern cutting, merchandising, marketing and trend predictions. The Marbella Design Academy enjoys an excellent alumni of qualified designers working successfully in the fashion industry.

By choosing to study Fashion Design at Marbella Design Academy, you will find yourself surrounded by a hub of internationally acclaimed fashion designers and creative people. Spain is a mecca for Fashion and some of the world´s most famous fashion designers are Spanish. Besides many others, Spain is home to the famous “Zara” Fashion Empire, with several hundred stores worldwide.

Fashion Design is big business. Being a professional Fashion Designer is a great career with many opportunities to either create your own brands and collections or to gain employment in one of the numerous fashion houses worldwide.

The purpose built campus has been designed as an inspirational place to think, create and learn and share ideas equipped with the latest technologies and facilities expected of a modern education centre. Our academic staff are highly experienced and have all worked in this demanding industry in many parts of the world.

This innovative course will give you a professional insight to all the different job roles and career opportunities that exist within the fashion industry. You will have the opportunity to learn not only the theoretical and practical skills essential for fashion design, but also essential personal skills such as self-confidence, presentation, organisation, the ability to work with others and an opportunity to discover and express your own creative identity.

The Bachelor of Arts validated Fashion Design & Manufacture programme offered at Marbella Design Academy is designed to accomplish high academic standards in an exciting exploration of the latest contemporary techniques and processes of Fashion Design.

The first year of the programme will cover basic skills such as freehand drawing, design history, fashion illustration, computer aided design (CAD) , technical sewing machine skills, research skills, how to develop a design idea from initial research through to final outcome and essential pattern cutting and construction techniques. The first year of study is about exploration and experimentation.

The second year of study will build and enhance your existing skills with further exploration of the creative fashion design process, trend awareness and live industry projects.

In your final and 3rd year of study is all about you as a designer, you will design and produce a final Runway collection which will be show cased at the end of the academic year always successful EXPOs.

This is your chance to push your creative and technical skills and showcase your work as an emerging fashion designer. a work experience module gives the opportunity to test your skills base in a contemporary fashion environment within industry. You will produce an industry-ready portfolio with styled photography shoots and highly polished design work will be your selling point to achieve a position within industry on graduation.

You will also undertake a six week work placement programme,where you will experience the “Real world” of fashion and all the varied jobs available to you when you graduate.

We offer an excellent academic and technical programme of study in a purpose built, well equipped campus. In addition we pride ourselves on the way we support our students in their academic studies, with pastoral student support. In return, we ask that you commit to work hard, display good attendance and make full use of all that is available to you at the Marbella Design Academy.

“My name is Lauriane L’Eplattenier from Switzerland. I have just graduated from Marbella Design Academy and have been awarded a first class BA Hons Fashion Degree by the Marbella Design Academy – UK partner University in London – United Kingdom.  To me, Fashion is not restricted to only clothing and beauty, but it is all encompassing in creativity and expression. Fashion can define you as a person. 

I have during my study at Marbella Design Academy learnt so much about fashion design and the industry, from freehand drawing to developing clothes collections to the actual sewing and finishing. I have also learnt a lot about Marketing, how to make your own business, fashion show presentation and even jewellery making.

You study with students from more than 45 different nationalities and cultures. It is a great inspiration with so many different approaches and ideas for collections.

The students are offered great opportunities to enter in the working world with design competitions and fashion shows during their study. The Fashion design students are encouraged to take part in several real life fashion shows and competitions, such as Malaga Fashion Week, Runway Gibraltar New Designer Competition, Marbella Luxury Week-End, and Marbella Crea & Starlite Festival. I have participated in them all and won two times at Malaga Fashion Week and has also won Frankfurt Style Award. It has been a unique experience  to participate among other creative talents and get constructive feedback as well as advice from the professionals within the Fashion Design industry.

Our Fashion teachers are great. Always helping us to realise our wildest ideas and build our own „style“.

I really liked studying at Marbella Design Academy because we had no creative restrictions. We were given the opportunity to experiment and create exactly what we wanted.”

Lauriane L’Eplattenier from Switzerland – Fashion Design Graduated Student

Marbella Design Academy is one of the top design schools in the world. Students receive excellent training, and after three years of study, have all the skills needed to graduate as outstanding professional Fashion Designers.

The employment rate among our graduates is outstanding. Nearly all enjoy a successful career within their chosen field.

When you have satisfactorily completed the Fashion Design programme and graduated from Marbella Design Academy you are awarded an official Bachelor of Arts – BA (Hons) degree in Fashion Design by University of Bedfordshire.

Graduates of Marbella Design Academy´s Bachelor of Arts Validated programme in Fashion Design & Manufacture, are fully prepared to start their career as self-employed designers, or easily gain employment in companies worldwide.

Students are given the opportunity to gain hands-on experience through a 6 weeks work placement in a real world environment during the third year of study.

When you have graduated from Marbella Design Academy and you have been awarded a BA (Hons) degree in Fashion Design & Manufacture, you can apply for a Master’s degree at any university of your choice.

Marbella Design Academy is an exclusive design school with a family-like atmosphere among students and staff who originate from around the world.

Green Screen Technology: Marbella Design Academy has its very own green screen for video effects. Through the magic of motion video and green screen technology our students are now able to create amazing motion graphics. Interior students can be scaled and transported into their own rendered scenes for video presentations. Fashion students can take their fashion shoots to exotic places and superimpose any digital or virtual background behind the models in their videos. Graphics students can create Hollywood style visual effects for their projects. Marbella Design Academy’s new green screen uses a technology known as ‘Chroma Keying’. This is the process of isolating a single colour in an electronic image and using software to make that value transparent, allowing another image or background to show through instead. If the colour of the subject matches the green background too closely, those areas will also be removed, making a hole through which the background will show. For this reason bright green is used in the film industry as it is not a colour traditionally worn by TV or Movie personalities.

Computer help for students: Should you have a problem with your computer, then we can strongly recommend using WEBCOMUNICA in Monda. JJ (the owner) is a genius when it comes to fixing computer problems. JJ can help students with their PC or MAC problems for a special Marbella Design Academy student price. You can call JJ any time on: +34 686515 371 or you can pass by his shop in Monda in Calle Hospital 6, 29110 Monda.

2nd hand MAC computers can be bought via this website:

Study Plan & Materials List

Bachelor of Arts validated programme in Fashion Design & Manufacture

Total – days – hours and CORE credits during the 3 years of study (Holidays are not included in this calculation).

1st Year, 1200 hours incl: lectures, direct, independent study – 120 CORE CREDITS

2nd Year, 1200 hours incl: lectures, direct, independent study – 120 CORE CREDITS

3rd Year, 1200 hours incl: lectures, direct, independent study – 120 CORE CREDITS

In total for all 3 years of study: Approx. 3.600 hours incl. lectures, direct and independent study:

360 CORE CREDITS (UK) = 180 ECTS Points (60 ECTS points per academic year)


120 Credits = 60 ECTS points. In total for all 3 years of study: 360 CORE CREDITS (UK) = 180 ECTS Points (60 ECTS points per academic year)


Fundamentals of Creative Design: Describes and explores the main issues involved in the professional design field. It also introduces research methodology, learning, creating and communication skills. Conceptual development processes and various presentation techniques are taught in order to provide the students with the necessary skills to express their ideas in a professional manner.

Fundamentals of Fashion Design: This module will allow the students to understand the design practices that are fundamental to fashion design and will form the basis for future design projects. The design procedures will give the student a good, basic understanding of the process of transforming a sketch to a garment sample form. Principles and elements of fashion design are studied in order to allow the student to design creatively yet effectively when answering a design brief.

History of Fashion Design: This module will offer an over-view of the history of fashion from the Ancient Egyptians to the Greek-Roman times, onto the “Dark Age” with the Byzantine and Norman Eras, moving on with the Medieval times and early Tudors with the Elizabethan period, to the Stuarts and right up to Baroque, Georgian and Regency eras.

History of Art: A comprehensive analysis of different art movements (pictorial art, sculpture, architecture) from prehistoric to present times and an introduction to methodologies such as research, analysing and writing skills.


Fashion Drawing 1. 


Basic Production and Technology: An evaluation of sewing methods and production machinery, specialist equipment and attachments, plus other latest technological production methods in use in the fashion industry. Safe practice and “Health & Safety” procedures.

Illustrator 1: Industry standard software. Basic tools and processes. Relationship & differences between manual freehand presentation and CAD methods.

Photoshop 1: Introduction to one of the most popular of design software. Applications to photography and fashion design illustration.

Block and Size Specifications: Analysis of the shape of the body, garment parts and the measurements that determine their relationship. Conversion of a 2D pattern creation to a 3D garment sample.

Pattern Cutting: The pattern drafting and cutting processes and techniques will take place in group practice and also on an individual study basis as necessary. The induction (including “Health & Safety”/”Best Practice” awareness) and use of industrial machinery and equipment in atelier/workshops will be applied.


Project 1: Use of combined modular skills in real-world scenarios. To include lectures, one on one teacher guidance and practical application of resources acquired through each term.

Group Project: Evaluation of acquired practical capacity in combination with teamwork, communication and presentation skills and their application in a professional work scenario.

Final Project: Hands-on application of the capacities acquired throughout the full first year of fashion design.


SECOND YEAR: 120 Credits = 60 ECTS points

In total for all 3 years of study: 360 CORE CREDITS (UK) = 180 ECTS Points (60 ECTS points per academic year)


The History of Fashion Design 2: Study of the evolution of garments, fashion and the garment industry over the eras. The study of social and historic factors and the understanding of the frequent influence of Fashion upon such diverse areas such as politics, religion and architecture.

Fashion Marketing, Merchandising and Branding: Comparative Shop Reporting and methods, market trends & analysis. SWOT analysis, “Needs, Wants & Must-haves” evaluation and consideration.

Sustainability and Ethical Education: An analysis of the current philosophy applied to modern industry. Study of the principles of modern ethical fashion designers operating within our industry and the need to consider factory practices and employment laws. Child labour laws, minimum wage practices and their abuse and impact.


Fashion Production and Technology: Advanced level of sewing methods and production machinery, specialist equipment and attachments, plus other latest technological production methods in use in the fashion industry.

Photoshop 2: Specialisation in photographic image manipulation in fashion scenarios.

Illustrator 2: Second level of use of this software in combination with freehand fashion drawing.

Fashion Drawing 2: Students will pursue the skills and processes of designing and creating garment collections first learnt in the 1st year and will develop them further. They will develop hand-drawing skills in the fashion drawing.

Fashion Textile and Colour: This component will allow the students to understand the function of colour and fabric choices as part of the design practices that are fundamental to fashion design and will help form the basis for future design work and projects.


Project 1: Evaluating differing make-up and construction techniques utilized within the commercial “Ready-to-Wear” market to “Haute Couture” and the more traditional “Tailoring” and “Bespoke” sectors.

Group Project: Evaluation of acquired practical capacity in combination with teamwork, communication and presentation skills and their application in a professional work scenario.

Final Project: Hands-on application of the capacities acquired throughout the full second year of the Fashion Design programme.


120 Credits = 60 ECTS points. In total for all 3 years of study: 360 CORE CREDITS (UK) = 180 ECTS Points (60 ECTS points per academic year)


Fashion Marketing, Merchandising and Range Planning: Advanced Comparative Shop Reporting and methods, market trends & analysis. SWOT analysis, “Needs, Wants & Must-haves” evaluation and consideration.

Intellectual Property Rights for Fashion Business: Study the laws and responsibilities involved within intellectual property within the fashion industry.


Advanced Pattern Creation and Technology: Flat pattern creation and production technology with advanced styling details.

Fashion Drawing 3: Second level of manual representation of garments & the culmination of one’s individual finished “Fashion Illustrated” signature style.

Garment Costing and Fashion Production Procedures: Study the basic rules for the costing of garments.

Fashion Photography: Refine formation of a professional standard portfolio.


Final Major Project and Portfolio: Hands-on application of the capacities acquired throughout the full third year of fashion design with the culmination of a final Graduation Catwalk Show presentation. Evaluation of portfolio of work presented to a professional level ready to show to potential clients.

Work Experience and Educational and Vocational Orientation: Opportunity for real world experience in the professional work field. Analysis of the work field and professional opportunities in the fashion design industry.

Digital SLR Camera

(It will be handy for you if you have your own camera, but you can use the cameras of the Academy)
Preferably with a manual mode (meaning you can control the exposure).

Laptop (portable computer), PC or MAC book Pro

We recommend you to buy a Lap Top with sufficient RAM memory and a powerful graphic card. We recommend a 15” screen. When you have purchased your computer, please practice working on it prior to start.

Computer Programmes

Please make sure you get the programmes in the same format as your laptop (for example a Mac formatted program will not work on a PC).

  • Adobe Master Collection CC2018 with manual from Adobe
  • Microsoft Office – student version

Remember to buy the original student version as they are much cheaper. Also ask for the latest version.

  • 1 x A4 book with clear plastic pages and A4 loose leaf, lined paper to fit inside
  • 1 or 2 x A3 “layout pad” (and an A4 as well if you see one. Any good art shop will have one) An A4 sketching pad
  • An A3 bleed proof “marker pad”
  • An A3 Water colour pad
  • 1 x A5 sketch book ( hardback)
  • Magic markers.
  • An A3 portfolio with clear folders inside
  • 3 x 2H Pencils and a two hole metal pencil sharpener.
  • 3 x 3H pencils
  • 1 x meter rule
  • 1 plastic ruler 20cm.
  • 2 rubbers one for pencil one for coloured pencil.
  • 3 basic plastic zippers 20cm long.
  • A box of assorted B pencils.
  • A black felt pen ( as thick as 1 or 1.5mm)
  • A red marker thickness as above
  • A blue or green marker “ “ “ “
  • 1 x tape measure in cm and mm on same tape (some stop the mm markings after the first 10cm which is no good for us)
  • A good quality tape measure, with metal ends.
  • Treads in different colours.
  • A tread snip.
  • A un picker.
  • A pattern master ruler.
  • 2 or more x boxes of dressmakers pins
  • Paper scissors (not kiddies ones)
  • Pattern master available from
  • A “quick unpick” or seam ripper
  • A domestic sewing machine – (maybe you have one already)
  • LONG BLADE , Proper fabric scissors (which you must never use to cut paper).
  • A “pen and tablet” for your lap top – “WACOM BAMBOO” or similar is fine.
  • Also 3mts of cheap, plain cotton fabric (any col. and about as thick as “school shirt” fabric, for experimenting with in the first term) (Or in fact an old sheet would do.)
  • And, if you have any room, old clothes, from ANYONE in the family, for a recycling project later on in the course.

All books can be found used but at a slightly cheaper price through, just make sure the vendor ships internationally.

  • The new James Laver book detailed at end of this message. “Costume and Design : A Concise History”(by him and also Amy de la Haye
  • Designing patterns – By Hilary Campbell – a fresh approach to pattern cutting” ( orange cover with yellow pattern).
  • The cut of women’s clothes 1600 – 1930 by Norah Waugh, is a recommended purchase but not a must.

Students Work

EXPO 2012 Fashion 35 in Marbella Design academy
EXPO 2012 Fantastic Fashion dress
fashion design event
fashion design event

Important Information

Tuition Fees: Click Here
Tuition Language: English
We have two intakes per year:
2019 Starting on:
  8th January 2019
16th September 2019
2020 Starting on:  
  7th January 2020
14th September 2020
Duration: 3 Years
6 Hours daily (Monday to Friday)
From 09:00 to 16:00
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International Students: Click Here
Accommodation: Click Here

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