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What Our Students Say

Benedicte Ndongo Kulengula

“It was a pleasure for me to be part of the Design Foundation Course.

It was a wonderful class. I was able to discover many things and new software.
The Design Foundation Course taught me so much, especially how to be creative and have a designer mindset.
The course was challenging, and the teacher was always there supporting us and ready to help.
I enjoyed the course tremendously.”

Benedicte Ndongo Kulengula from the Republic of Congo – Online Design Foundation Course

Mikaela Söderholm

“This course has taught me so much more than I could ever imagine. The teacher inspired me so much during this course, and I thought it was amazing to have his help throughout all projects.
Thanks for everything.”

Mikaela Söderholm from Sweden – the Design Foundation course

Roberta Peixoto

“I have learned so much over these 3 incredible years!
I felt that I had so much support from both my teachers and the school staff.
We were given the freedom to create and design whatever we wanted to at all times!
It has been amazing.”

Roberta Peixoto from Brazil – BA (Hons) in Fashion Design & Manufacture

Ariana Serra

“These 3 years at Marbella Design Academy have been full of experiences where I’ve learned so much and I’ve met wonderful people.
Marbella Design Academy is a special place that feels like home, it feels like we’re all a big family.
I’ve made memories that I will take with me forever.”

Ariana Serra from Spain – BA (Hons) in Fashion Design & Manufacture

Minh Tran

“As of today, I’m officially graduating with a Bachelor Degree. I’ve set foot to 3 different continents. I can speak 3 different languages. I’ve made friends with so many different people from all over the world. I’ve learned and done some amazing stuff that I never knew I could do.

And I’m so proud of what I’ve managed to achieve.”

Minh Tran from Vietnam – BA (Hons) Graphic Design & Media.

Daniella Ramirez from Sweden

“I came to Marbella Design Academy not knowing how to sew, not knowing what a pattern was and had never opened a single Adobe program in my life.
After studying Fashion Design & Manufacture for three years I have grown into the path of fashion design that I want to pursue because of my own willpower.
I am extremely proud of my classmates and I for getting to the finish line although this pandemic has made things challenging in many ways.
My fashion teachers and best friend supported me throughout this year both academically and emotionally and I now leave Spain as a young professional and with friends for life.
It’s amazing what you can achieve and do if you put your mind to it!” 

Daniella Ramirez from Sweden – BA (Hons) in Fashion Design & Manufacture. 

Anna Kristina Ueland

“This year has been challenging in a good way. I excelled from my previous projects in so many ways, my skills, research and analysis and the way I communicate my ideas. I have worked on several interesting projects that have made me develop as an interior architecture student. During the group project, I also had the chance to work with the other departments, which was such a pleasure. Overall a very educational year and I can’t wait to begin again and learn even more next year.”

Anna Kristina Ueland from Norway – BA (Hons) in Interior Architecture & Design – 2nd year.

Encarni Muños Cabello

“This year has been very good in all aspects. I have learned a lot and I have improved from the beginning until now. I am very grateful to my teachers because without them I would not have achieved these results. You can always improve, and here I am, looking forward to starting the next year to give my best and keep learning and growing“

Encarni Muños Cabello from Spain –  BA (Hons) in Interior Architecture & Design – 2nd year.

Paula Sonora

“My 2nd year in Marbella Design Academy has been a great experience. The teachers are professional, experienced and passionate in their field, and are always there to help, encourage and inspire you. The classes are relaxed yet productive, and are structured to meet individual student needs. The projects are diverse and interesting, making you see out for new innovations, technologies and methods, and most importantly – be innovative yourself. Everyone in the university is very friendly and helpful. Being there gives you a sense of security and contentment.

I am looking forward to all the new, exciting and educating experiences my final year is going to bring!“

Paula Sonora from Sweden- BA (Hons) in Interior Architecture & Design – 2nd year.

Andrea Jansson

“Three years later and I finally got my Bachelor in Graphic Design, thanks Marbella Design Academy for this time.

I had the best years and I am so grateful for everything!”

Andrea Jansson from Sweden – BA (Hons) in Graphic Design & Media.

Adrian Redondo

“I transferred this year to the second year at Marbella Design Academy.

During the year I have learnt many different things but among the most remarkable I have learnt are a professional approach to a project. I have learnt how to make all the technical drawings (electrical plan, sewerage plan, lighting plan… ) and graphically how to create a nice layout, how to work with Photoshop and Indesign applying it to our renders, floor plans, sections…. )

I have also been taught the importance of making a perfect research and incorporate the results into my design projects.”

Adrian Redondo from Spain – BA (Hons) in Interior Architecture & Design – 2nd year.

Iðunn Ásgeirsdóttir

“Today is my graduation day. I’ve waited so long for today, yet we could not have our usual big Graduation Party I had hoped for due to Covid19.  I have worked hard every day, and I’m extremely proud of myself and my fellow students. Thank you Marbella Design Academy for these wonderful 3 years. It’s been such an educating yet fun experience that I wouldn’t trade for anything! And a huge shout out to my wonderful teachers who know how to make education fun, interesting and above all, motivate you to become the best designer possible.

I’m looking forward to the future, full of hope and positivity. After my Graduation, I have gladly accepted a position  as Tutor Assistance at Marbella Design Academy.

Iðunn Ásgeirsdóttir from Iceland – BA (Hons) Graphic Design & Media.

Rebecca Bright, mother of Oscar Bright

“When my son started with the Foundation Course I knew he was creative and his mind full of ideas and imagination.

I am overwhelmed by the way during the following 3 years of the BA (Hons) Interior Architecture programme he has been taught how to develop this creativity into the professional, organised way he is now able to communicate and present his ideas.”

Rebecca Bright, mother of Oscar Bright – BA (Hons) in Interior Architecture and Design.

Kristine Heisholte

“The time at Marbella Design Academy has been very rewarding in many ways.

Both the friendly atmosphere in the academy, as well as the support and knowledge given by the professional tutors give you all the necessary tools for starting your professional career upon graduation.

The programme is innovative in terms of teaching you about new technologies, sustainable architecture and providing you with knowledge of advanced modeling techniques and software skills.

I have enjoyed my time at Marbella Design Academy so much and the department of Interior has provided me with so much new knowledge for my future career!

I want to say a big thank you for all the help and support I’ve gotten this year! And thank you for always pushing me to become better!!“

Kristine Heisholte from Norway – BA (Hons) in Interior Architecture & Design.

Mariel Shoemaker

”I’m so grateful for my time at Marbella Design Academy. Before starting my degree in fashion, I barely knew how to sew and didn’t know much else, but after my three years were over I feel I have the skills and tools needed to achieve my dreams. The staff really care about the students and it showed; with plenty of 1 on 1 time with the tutors, students are easily able to get the help they’d like as well as constantly get inspired by those around them. It was a great learning experience. Along with the academic experience, I truly feel the school is so diverse and it was amazing meeting people from all over the world. I’ve made friends I feel like I will have for life and it has been some of the best years of my life. Thank you to my teachers for giving me the necessary skills to reach my goals and thank you to Marbella Design Academy for encouraging me to pursue them!“

Mariel Shoemaker from United States – BA (Hons) in Fashion Design & Manufacture.

Nan Khea

“If I could just say “Thank You” it would be not enough compared to what I received from Marbella Design Academy . To have the chance to join, learn, have fun, and to be a part of Marbella Design Academy was amazing.

Thank you to all Teachers , friends and every single person from the teams which helped me to grow until today. THANK YOU VERY MUCH.”

Nan Khea from Thailand – BA (Hons) in Fashion Design & Manufacture.

Savannah Moorghen-Young

“I studied Graphic Design and went from having no knowledge at all on the subject to having my own freelance business today, which would not have been possible without the three years I spent at MDA! As well as the knowledge and skills that I gained during this time, I also met some wonderful people from all over the world and a very supportive team of teaching staff who motivated me to keep going when times were tough, believed in me and still keep in touch and show their interest in my journey despite graduating over a year ago.

If I could go back and do the three years all over again, I would!“

Savannah Moorghen-Young from the United Kingdom- BA (Hons) in Graphic Design & Media

Bianca Germaux

“I had a wonderful experience at Marbella Design Academy. I learned so much and had the best time. I made wonderful friends and so enjoyed experiencing life in Monda. So special. The teachers were great and very helpful. If I could do it all again, I would! 🙂 I would not be where I am today without the graphic design course.”

Bianca Germaux from Spain – BA (Hons) in Graphic Design & Media

JY Min

“From the beginning the experience was amazing for me.
 Everyone I have been in contact was extremely helpful and kind. The Academic advisor was very instrumental in my success. The classes are structured to address individual student needs. The courses are focused on getting students ready for the job market.
 The instructors are always available to answer questions, at any time. They kept me focused and rooted in my studies.
The program itself was very manageable with my already busy life.
I would say that you will get out of this program what you put in it.
 It seems that they have made virtually impossible to fail if you put in the work. Best decision I have ever made!!”

JY Min from South Korea – Bachelor of Arts in Interior Architecture

Kate Solomennikova

” Three years of hard work at Marbella Design Academy payed off! – & I got a 1st Class BA Hons Degree. Professional and experienced teachers who passed on not only theoretical elements, but knowledge of the industry from the very inside of it. All tasks and assignments were created in a way that you learned and practiced to get only better and better within time restraints.

It took time and patience combined, but for me it was most important to be inspired and feel motivated- at Marbella Design Academy teachers and staff are always there to help and inspire you. Special thanks to our great tutors, our Department was like a big fashion family and that is so unusual compared to other Universities. I appreciated it so much! ”


Kate Solomennikova from Russia – Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Design

Look out for her brand “Jeandelle Couture” which Kate Solomennikova, intends to open in the near future.

Kate Solomennikova - Marbella Design Academy Student
Lauriane L'Eplattenier - Marbella Design Academy student

Lauriane L'Eplattenier

“To me, Fashion is not restricted to only clothing and beauty, but it is all encompassing in creativity and expression. Fashion can define you as a person.” My name is Lauriane L’Eplattenier and I just graduated with a First Class BA Hons Fashion Degree. At Marbella Design Academy I have learnt a lot about fashion, from the drawing classes to developing clothes collections to the actual sewing and finishing, but also all about Marketing, fashion show presentation and even jewellery making. Our Fashion teachers are great and they are always helping us to realize our wildest ideas and to help us to build our own „style“. I really like studying at this school because we have no creative restrictions and the opportunity to experiment and create exactly what we want.

Also, we get a chance to study with students from different nationalities and cultures, which allows us to have different approaches and ideas for our collections, but also inspire each other. Likewise, we are offered great opportunities to enter in the working world with design competitions and fashion shows. I personally have taken part in several real life fashion shows and competitions, Malaga Fashion Week, Runway Gibraltar New Designer Competition, Marbella Luxury Week-End, Marbella Crea & Starlite Festival and Frankfurt Style Award. I have now won two times at Malaga Fashion Week. In addition, it is a unique experience where I learn so much from taking part and participating amongst other creative talent and also get constructive feedback and advice from the professionals of this industry. It is also a great experience with creative exchanges of ideas and styles. Studying on a Masters Degree in Fashion Design has been a natural progression for me and an essential compliment to my successfully completed fashion design education at Marbella Design Academy and my awarded Bachelor of Arts. I am now studying for my Master at University in London.


Lauriane L´Eplattenier from Schwitzerland – Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Design.


Hey, my name is Jessica, 20 years old and from Germany. I’m studying Interior Architecture, about to finish my First Year. For me, choosing Marbella Design Academy was definitely not hard. I fell in love with the Academy the first day I looked at their website and even went visiting it but the location, Spain was another good point for me.

Being part of Marbella Design Academy, is like having a family far away from home. The administration, the Professors and the students here at Marbella Design Academy are very friendly, they make you feel loved, and know exactly who you are and what type of personality you’ve got.

Marbella Design Academy is more than just a design school, it is your second home, you don’t even want to leave the place until late in the afternoon. They just make you gain so much experience. I live in Monda near the Academy. Imagine a small village with some people, but this is nothing compared to this village. People are friendly,
almost all the students live there. There are places in Monda, you just have to explore.

There are perfect walks to let loose and get inspire, for any course. I love it. After completing my studies, I hope to travel and experience more Interior & Architecture to gain more knowledge. I guess, time will tell.


Jessica from Germany, 20 years old – Interior Architecture student

Jessica - Interior Architecture student in Marbella Design Academy
Raissa Faber - Marbella Design Academy student

Raïssa Faber

I am a third year fashion design student. I chose Marbella Design Academy because I wanted a new experience abroad and studying seemed like a good idea.

I chose Marbella Design Academy because I wanted a new experience abroad and studying seemed like a good idea. The best thing about MDA is that it is an international collage, so you meet people around the world here.

My options are to stay here and accept the job that is given to me or what I would love to do it study further in South Africa.


Raïssa Faber from Netherlands, 23 years old – Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Design



I am an Interior architecture student, completing my first year at Marbella Design Academy. I chose Marbella Design Academy for many reasons, but most importantly, because I will soon graduate with an official United Kingdom BA Honors degree.

The best thing about being a student in Marbella Design Academy is that there are only a few students in each class, which enables you to have the freedom of asking as many questions you desire, as well as the chance of getting more one-on-one attentiveness from the teacher.

The best thing about living in Monda is that it is a quiet, relaxing village with lots of greenery. Also, all the students in the Academy live at walking distance from my house.

After completing my studies I’m going to work at my Grandfathers Architectural Company in Kuwait.


Farah from Lebanon, 21 years old – Interior Architecture student

Farah - Interior Architecture student in Marbella Design Academy
Durita Thomsen student in Marbella Design Academy


Fashion design, started in January, so I’ve been here for 4 months. I have chosen Marbella Design Academy because I wanted to study abroad, and learn more about Spanish culture and language.

The best thing is that you have easy access to the teachers. That would be that almost everyone from school is living in Monda, so it’s easy to get to know people.

The options are many. I don’t really have a plan yet. Might start my own brand, after I’ve gotten some work experience.


Durita from Faroe Islands, 21 years old – Fashion Design student



I am a student studying the BA Hons Fashion programme at Marbella Design Academy.

I chose Marbella Design Academy after coming to see the school, which I’d found listed on the internet as one of Spain’s highly recommended design schools. On visiting the Academy I immediately felt a welcoming feeling which was only enhanced after meeting the extremely kind staff. I was given a tour around the academy by the head of fashion who was extremely passionate about the subject and the academy itself ,which made a large impact on me.

I was delighted to hear that at the academy the classes were rarely larger than 10, which gives each student a lot of personal time and help from the teachers, unlike many other universities. In my opinion the personal time where you can learn from the teachers knowledge & experiences in the industry are two of the most important things for ones education.

I also love that all the students and teachers are always willing to help one another and that everyone gets to know each other on a personal basis.

I currently live in Monda, which is useful for getting to school as its only a 10-15 minutes walk away no matter where you live and only a car or bus ride away from Marbella or Malaga.

After completing my course at the academy I hope to go on to doing a Masters before launching my own career.


Didi from Malta, 19 years old – Fashion design student

Didi - Fashion design student in Marbella Design Academy
Diptee Thapa - Graphic Design student

Diptee Thapa

I am Diptee Thapa, Originally I am from Hong Kong. I am studying Graphics 3rd Year, will graduate in Dec 2015. Marbella Design Academy is an exclusive design school with international mix of students from all around the world. I am fond of Spanish culture and language and wanted to study graphics, hence it was my best choice.

Since the number of students in each class is small, there is great amount of one to one interaction between students and teachers therefore students can take more advantage.

Monda is a small village with minimum distractions. Personally i prefer tranquil area since i come from a busy big city like Hong Kong. I would like to continue to work as Graphic Designer here in Spain to get some experience while still make my Spanish language stronger after my graduation, however my options are open and will become clearer towards the end of year perhaps.


Diptee Thapa from Hong Kong – Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design



Fashion 2nd year September. Danish standard in a Spanish setting.

It’s nice and close in the morning, and Monda itself is pretty cheap to live in. I probably have to work a year to pay everything off and save up for my next step. Then I would like to take a Masters degree in Business-Fashion either in
New-York, Paris, London or Copenhagen.


Michelle from Denmark, 21 years old – Fashion design student

Michelle Sejersgaard Jacobsen - Fashion design student
June Wakairu - Fashion design student in Marbella Design Academy


I am June from Kenya. I am studying Fashion Design,1st Year.

I chose Marbella Design Academy because I believe I can get the knowledge I require to succeed in my future career.

The best thing about Being a Student at M.D.A is the experience and knowledge passed onto us from our teachers. The food at the cafetería is one of the best things as well.

After my 3 year course. My options are to get a job in the fashion industry, hopefully by then I will have made enough networks. Or undergo masters at university in London.


June from KenyaFashion design student



Interior design second year September.

Found it on the internet as I want a bachelor degree in interior architecture.

You learn to be independent. It is nice and quiet.

Work Experience and after Independent business.


Heidi from Faroe Islands, 28 years old – Interior Architecture student

Heidi Hansen - Interior Architecture student
Mona S. - Interior Architecture student in Marbella Design Academy

Mona S.

My name is Mona S. and from Stockholm – Sweden. I study in the second year – Interior Architecture at the Marbella Design School.

I chose to study at the Marbella Design Academy here in Spain because I wanted to study to Interior Architect at this Academy and also because I love the wonderful, pleasant weather which Southern Spain offers. Thought the combination was perfect.

After completing my studies, I will work as an Interior Architect Designer anywhere in the Marbella area and then later continue with a Masters course in London or Stockholm.


Mona S. from Stockholm (Sweden)Interior Architecture student


Josefine W.

Josefine W., 25 year from Stockholm – Sweden.

I started at the Marbella Design Academy in January 2015, BA Interior Architecture, and I already feel that I learned a lot in those 4 months.

Right now I build and design a hotel reception / lounge in the Maldives, with influences from Islamic architecture.

I like it already in Spain very much and I love the lifestyle, the sun, and making friends of diverse cultures from around the world. I think I will like to stay here longer than these 3 years, we’ll see.

Depending on how it goes with the job in the future. I myself want to work on major projects such as hotels, stadiums, shopping centers.

We’ll see where this leads, and the future, I look forward to!


Josefine W. from Stockholm (Sweden), 25 years old – Interior Architecture student

Josefine W. - Interior Architecture student
Miriam - Interior Architecture student in Marbella Design Academy


I am studying interior architecture and am in my first year of study.

My dream has always been to move to Spain and I have always been interested in interior design, so I wanted to combine my two interests.

The best thing about studying in Spain apart from the good weather is that you get to meet new people and learn a new culture.

My plans are to either continue studying in London or look for a job anywhere in the world.


Miriam from Gothenburg (Sweden), 25 years old – Interior Architecture student



I study fashion and I study in the first year.

I have family and friends in Spain, so Spain is my second home and I have always loved fashion.

I decided that after I graduated, I would move here and study what I love.


Josefina from Hässleholm / Helsingborg (Sweden), 20 years old – Fashion Design student

Josefina El-Ghourani - Fashion Design student in Marbella Design Academy
Hafiz Rosli - Graphic Design student

Hafiz Rosli

Graphic Design, final year (3rd).

I chose Marbella Design Academy because the school is multicultural and offers a world class education in a congenial environment. Definitely the weather and live style that comes with it is great too.

I have just received some job offers waiting for me when I finish, so I look forward to my future.


Hafiz Rosli from Gothenburg (Sweden), 26 years old – Graphic Design student


Eisa Al Saadi

Interior Architecture Course in my 2nd term in my final 3rd year.

I’d been in Spain the summer before I applied, and I enjoyed it.

That the Academy is small. This is certainly my favorite factor because of the instant feedback or the useful but silly questions no one would ask in a big crowd.

That Monda is quite and close to the academy.

I’m still thinking about that. I will either stay here and find some work or move back to Qatar.


Eisa Al Saadi from Qatar, 20 years old – Bachelor of Arts in Interior Architecture

Eisa Al Saadi - Marbella Design Academy student
Dagmar Kjeld - Fashion design student

Dagmar Kjeld

Hi my name is Dagmar Kjeld. I am from the Faroe Islands.

I am a student at Marbella Design Academy.

The Bachelor of Arts validated Fashion Design Course is very creative and inspiring and during your study time you participate in many competitions, which is a very good experience to have.

At Marbella Design Academy you study with students of many different nationalities.

The teachers are great!


Dagmar Kjeld from Faroe Islands Fashion Design student



I’m studying interior architecture and i’m in my third and final year.

I choose Marbella Design Academy because of its size and location. The best thing about being a student at Marbella Design Academy is the cultural diversity.

Living Monda is relatively quiet, the people are nice and the scenery is amazing.

After graduation and having my official BA (Hons) degree i’m starting a small business back home.


Yves from Rwanda, 30 years old – Interior Architecture student

Yves Minani - student in Marbella Design Academy