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Students Rights & Regulations

As Registered Students at Marbella Design Academy

The aim of the Academy is to encourage students to pursue their studies in an atmosphere that promotes and develops a partnership in learning. The focus of the Academy community is therefore on personal responsibility of the individual and to each other. The Academy is dedicated to promoting equality of opportunity, avoidance of unfair practice and promotion of essential values such as respect and courtesy towards others regardless of race, religious beliefs, social class, gender or sexual orientation.

Normal rules which apply in any community, also apply in this Academy. You, as part of this community, are expected to:

  • Adopt a responsible attitude in helping to create a supportive community in which everyone can flourish.
  • Respect the rights of all others within the Marbella Design Academy community.
  • Treat everyone with respect regardless of difference in culture, ability, race, gender, age, sexual orientation or social class.
  • Take responsibility for your learning by attending classes regularly and punctually, working hard on your studies and completing all your projects and assignments on time.
  • Seek help if you need it and let us know quickly if you have any difficulties.
  • Help to make the Academy safe for all.

As in all contemporary European academic environments, we also support personal freedom. A student is free to:

  • Express opinions in class regarding the subject matter, within a respectful position that observes academic regulations.
  • Expect commitment from the academic staff.
  • Freedom of speech and assembly (within the Academy regulations).
  • In cases of sanction, suspension, expulsion or any imposition on the student’s right to pursue his educational objectives within the Academy, to be informed by prior notification and will have the right to a fair hearing before a regularly constituted board.
  • Expect their records will not be subject to unauthorised disclosure or access.
  • The students as well as Marbella Design Academy, are only committed to one academic year at a time on one of the 3 year Bachelor of Arts Validated programmes of Marbella Design Academy. Our Bachelor of Arts validated programmes are Validated and degree awarded by our UK partner the University of Bedfordshire. Should the students wish to transfer to another institution at the end of each academic year, then they are free to do so.


In order to maintain the rules and regulations of the Academy, it is logical that there be rules to assure an atmosphere appropriate to academic and social activity. The following rules are to be observed and followed by all students:

  1. Students are obliged to keep their tables and surrounding areas clean and tidy. At the end of each day, the students are required to clean their own workstation.
  2. Mobile phones are to be switched off during classes.
  3. Students are not permitted to bring pets to the College.
  4. Students are NOT allowed to consume alcohol during tuition hours or to attend classes while under the influence of alcohol.
  5. The Academy does NOT tolerate drug-use. Random drug-tests may occur at any time during the Academic year. Any student who tests positive, or who show evidence of drug abuse, will automatically be dismissed from the Academy. Tuition fees will not be refunded.
  6. Refusal to take drug-test when requested to do so will be seen as a admission of guilt and the student will automatically be dismissed from the Academy. Tuition fees will not be refunded.
  7. Students are required to file Form 1A with their correct contact details, addresses and phone numbers and deliver it to the Academy If a change of address or phone number should occur during the academic year, the student is required to file form 1B with the Academy as soon as possible.
  8. The Students have to deliver, latest within the first week at the Academy, a passport size photo for the administration can produce their Marbella Design Academy student card.
  9. Students are NOT allowed to use the Academy’s address for their own personal mail.
  10. The students are NOT allowed to create webpages online concerning the Academy.
  11. Marbella Design Academy holds the right to use and publish all academic course work and images produced by students, and including personal images taken whilst participating in academic activities, in all medias. Students are required to upload all academic course work to the VLP Moodle, as part of their submission.
  12. A student can be dismissed from Marbella Design Academy, immediately and with no money refund, if the student make any unacceptable criminal or violent act towards Marbella Design Academy, other students, staff or property of Marbella Design Academy.
  13. The Bachelor of Arts Validated programmes in Interior Architecture & Design, Graphic Design & Media and Fashion Design & Manufacture are validated by our UK partner – the University of Bedfordshire who award BA (Hons) degrees to Marbella Design Academy graduates after graduation from Marbella Design Academy.


  1. The library resources are a source of research and must be maintained properly. The books are for reference only and cannot be taken off Marbella Design Academy premises. Checked-out books must therefore be returned to the library at the end of the day
  2. Projectors and other borrowed materials must not be left in the classrooms but returned to the office at the end of the day.

  3. The Academy advises all students to clearly print their names on all work and materials.

All personal equipment or work should be brought home at the end of the day. The Students own personal laptops should not be left at the Academy overnight. The Students personal laptops and their installed programmes are the property and responsibility of each individual student and not of the Marbella Design Academy. The Academy is not responsible for personal equipment that goes missing or is stolen.


For complaints regarding the programme can be given within a students should follow the Academy´s chain of command within a max 3 months time frame, which in the first instance will be the module leader. If the student is not satisfied with the outcome, the case can be raised to the Head of Department. Should the student still feel this decision is unsatisfactory, the student can request that the Head of Department presents the case to the Programme Board, which consists of the Chairman/Administrator, the Heads of Department, the Course Director and the Principal. Please find the guidelines in your Students Handbook.

In case of complaints regarding personal issues, the student should consult the Student Support: Rachel Parker. If the student is not content with the outcome, the case can be brought before the Programme Board.


During your course at Marbella Design Academy your time will be spent between the three following ways of learning:

  • Lecture and Brief Sessions (LBS)
  • Directed Study (DS)
  • Independent Study (IS)

As time with your tutor and class participation are vital for succeeding in your chosen course, LBS and DS have mandatory class attendance. Your tutor is responsible for marking you present or absent during these sessions and a daily record of your attendance will be kept.

At Marbella Design Academy you have more than 80% tutor attention compared with only 20% tutor attention at most universities.

During IS sessions your attendance is not mandatory but is expected that you use this time to work on your current projects either at the academy or elsewhere. Please be aware that although you have IS from one module, you might have LBS or DS for another module occurring at the same time. In this case your attendance at these is of course mandatory.

Computer Use Policy

Students are allowed to access the Internet during tuition hours for information regarding project related matters when needed or when required by their tutors.

Students are NOT allowed to answer e-mails or utilise chat programs during tuition hours.

Diverse Policy

Marbella Design Academy is dedicated to promoting equality of opportunity, avoidance of unfair practice and promotion of essential values such as respect and courtesy towards others regardless of race, religious beliefs, social class, gender or sexual orientation.

One of our main rules and regulations for the students and staff at Marbella Design Academy is to respect the rights of all others within the Academy community. Treat everyone with respect regardless of difference in culture, ability, race, gender, age, sexual orientation or social class.

Academic issues of all the 3-year Bachelor of Arts Validated programmes offered at Marbella Design Academy, are following the Rules and Regulations of the Marbella Design Academy and our UK partner, the University of Bedfordshire, as written ind the Validated programme Handbooks.

Registration Fee: 500Euros – to be paid by all new students – once only.

FEES: Tuition Fee 11.500Euros per academic year for the Bachelor of Arts validated programmes in: Interior ArchitectureGraphic Design or Fashion Design (Included Quality Assurance fee, to be paid to the University of Bedfordshire)

Payment Conditions and Bank account: The bank account for Marbella Design Academy is as follows:

  • Bank name: UNICAJA – Avd. Ricardo Soriano, 6. 29600 Marbella-Málaga-Spain.
  • Account: 21030154790030026289 , Marbella Design Academy
  • Swift code: UCJAES2M (A transfer from your bank using SWIFT should only take 3 days)
  • Iban Code: ES02 21030154790030026289 (Important)

Note: Any transfer costs/commissions are to be paid by the student.

Payment Conditions for payments of tuition fees: In order for the Academy to plan and budget effectively for each academic year, tuition and registration fees are non-refundable. A reserved place, however, can be transferred to another academic year or another course within the Marbella Design Academy. The tuition and registration fees are calculated based on all the Marbella Design Academy costs and expenses for each course. The tuition and registration fees are equal to all students. The students accept these conditions as a non disputable penalty clause for cancellation.

Present registered 1st and 2nd year students – payment of the tuition fee for the next coming academic year.

The tuition fee for the next academic year to be paid as agreed with the Finance Department minimum 2 months before the start of the next academic year.

In the event that a student wishes to defer his/her studies during the academic year, and re-join the programme at a later date, a transfer fee of 800 Euros will apply. The transfer fee is not applicable to students who have to defer their place due to medical reasons. The Marbella Design Academy tuition fee can be transferred from one intake to another at no extra cost.

In the event that a Student on one of the Validated programmes, wishes to defer his/her place to another academic year, the Fee to be paid to our UK partner – the University of Bedfordshire will be charged to the Student again.

Diverse Policy

For students in financial need, you can ask for a payment plan to our Finance Department,
+34 952 45 70 90 – Email:

Scholarships: There are limited places available with a deduction of up to 30% off the tuition fee. You can request a scholarship application form to the Scholarship Department. Email:

The form will be emailed to you and will have to be filled in and returned as requested. Applicants can expect an answer from the scholarship department within a week from the Scholarship Department has received all the requested documentation.

Regarding Rules & Regulations

All students must abide by these rules and regulations during the entire academic year. These rules and regulations will be presented to the student prior to the start of the academic year.

Any breach of these Internal Rules and Regulations will result in a written warning (except rule number 12 in case of violence, which can result in an immediate expulsion from the Academy). Should a student obtain three (3) written warnings, the Academy may choose to dismiss the student.

Marbella Design Academy has the right to change or update the students Rights and Regulations throughout the academic year. It is the student´s responsibility to regularly keep up with these changes.