Study at Marbella Design Academy (in English) in sunny Spain and gain an official  BA (Hons) degree in Graphic Design by Middlesex University London

  • Programmes start September and January each year.
  • Duration: 3 years
  • Language: English
  • Credits: 360CP in the UK = 180 ECTS points

The 3-year validated Graphic Design programme that is offered to the students at Marbella Design Academy was developed, delivered and assessed by Marbella Design Academy, awarded by and quality assured by Middlesex University London.

Successful graduates from Marbella Design Academy and the BA validated programme will be awarded a BA (Hons) Graphic Design by Middlesex University London.


Each academic year is quality controlled by external examiners, appointed by Middlesex University. When the 3-year BA – Bachelor of Arts validated programme of Marbella Design Academy have been successfully completed, students will be awarded an official BA (Hons) – Bachelor of Arts degree by Middlesex University London.

At Marbella Design Academy students’ individualism and creative expression is nurtured to the extreme. Students benefit from culturally diverse professional tutors, who provide them with an international perspective, they receive lots of one-to-one teacher attention and are taught to a very high academic level.

The Academy is an exclusive design School with a family-like atmosphere prevailing among the staff and the students, who come from many different countries. The maximum number of places available is 230.

Student life is fulfilling and you cannot avoid making friends from all over the world. Come and study with us in sunny Spain and enjoy the best time in your life. We offer lovely surroundings, with great design programmes taught in English. Students live in really wonderful, furnished apartments from only 250 euros per month and day-to-day living costs are especially low in Spain.

Graphic Design programme introduction

Being a Graphic Designer is a wonderful profession full of creativity and exiting assignments. As a professionally trained Graphic Designer your world will open up to an interesting, rewarding and creative working life where no two days are the same.

The validated programme in Graphic Design will equip you with all of the necessary professional skills and understanding in order to develop a professional projection focused on visual communication and presentation. You will enter an exciting career in Graphic Design and we are guaranteeing you the highest calibre of education within the graphic design industry.

Throughout the course you will combine art and technology to communicate your ideas to users. Graduates will assume their position in the professional marketplace, with the necessary resources that will allow them to excel in this fast-paced design industry.

Beside developing your freehand drawing skills you will be taught how to use all the professional computer applications and software a professional Graphic Designer of today needs to know, such as PhotoShop, Illustrator, Indesign and Adobe  premier. Advanced skills in these programmes are a must for students to find employment. At the Marbella Design Academy you will be taught all the professional programmes already during the first academic year. The Graphic Design programme also covers wider aspects of the graphic fields such as web-design, marketing and video editing. Our web site has further details of the curriculum.

You will also have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience through a work placement in a real world environment during your 3rd academic year.

University degree

Bachelor of Arts – BA (Hons) degree in graphic design awarded by our partner institution Middlesex University London

The Graphic Design programme is of such a high academic standard that it is validated by Middlesex University London who themselves award our students with an official Bachelor of Arts degree once they have completed the programme.

Marbella Design Academy has been recognised as one of the top design schools in the world, and you will graduate as a highly skilled professional Graphic Designer. When you have completed the Graphic Design programme at Marbella Design Academy you are awarded an official BA (Hons) degree in Graphic Design by our partner institution Middlesex University London.

Graduates of the BA in Graphic Design will be fully prepared to start their career as a self-employed designer, or easily gain employment in companies worldwide. They  will have learned all of the practical skills and con textual understanding required within this specialized field, to enable a creative application to the demands of the professional industrial world.

Students also have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience through a work placement in a real world environment.

When the students have satisfactorily completed their 3-year programme (and been awarded their BA (Hons) degree), they may then choose, if they wish, to apply for a Master’s Degree at Middlesex University (additional 10 months) or at any other university of their choice.

Marbella Design Academy is an exclusive design school with a family-like atmosphere among students and staff who originate from around the world.

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