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Marbella Design Academy’s BA (Hons) validated programme in Graphic Design & Media, offers you the chance to explore graphic design through a variety of traditional and digital media. The curriculum is based around holistic project-based teaching that emphasises an approach to design practice informed by research and analysis. You will develop skills in design software, advertising, packaging, photography, drawing, printing, video, motion graphics, 3D within the context of visual communication.

Graphic Designers create visual representations of ideas and messages using type, symbols, layout and images. More than ever within this lively and competitive sector of the design industry, professional visual communicators require the skills to present messages in increasingly imaginative ways.  Graphics designers also make a valuable contribution to society as catalysts for positive social, political and cultural change.

There is an emphasis on breadth of style and medium throughout this programme. You will explore many processes and techniques such as printing, photography, motion graphics, 3D design and image-making in the context of branding, editorial design, illustration and web/app design.

Graphic Design is one of the most far-reaching creative design disciplines. This innovative validated programme supplies you with all the skills you need to succeed in your future career as a professional Graphic Designer and visual communicator.

Being a Graphic Designer is a wonderful profession full of creativity and exciting assignments. As a professionally trained Graphic Designer enter a rewarding professional career and creative working life where no two days are the same.

At Marbella Design Academy students’ individualism and creative expression are nurtured to the extreme. Students benefit from culturally diverse professional tutors who provide them with an international perspective. Students´ also receive lots of one-to-one teacher attention and are taught to a very high academic level. The validated programme in Graphic Design & Media will equip you with the highest calibre of education in the Graphic design industry.

Throughout the course you will combine art and technology to communicate your ideas to others, assuming your position in the professional marketplace, with the necessary resources that will allow you to excel in this fast-paced design industry.

With a professional focus on visual communication and presentation, you will learn how to design everything from book covers, packaging, merchandising, advertising campaigns, corporate logos and lots more. Besides developing your freehand drawing skills, you will be taught how to use all the professional computer applications and software a Graphic Designer of today needs to know, such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premier and After Effects. Advanced skills in these applications are a must for students to find employment, and at Marbella Design Academy you will be taught all these software packages from the first academic year.

The Graphic Design & Media programme also covers wider aspects of the graphic fields such as web design, marketing, video editing and 3D design.