Message from the founder and chairman Helle Byrn

On behalf of our great team, I would like to welcome you to Marbella  Design Academy. We are always at your service, working with  passion and dedication to offer you an academically comprehensive  and personally rewarding education. 

All we ask of you in return is to make an equal effort to invest  passion and dedication into your studies. With this exchange, you will  be on track towards a very successful lifetime career in the creative  field of design.

Marbella Design Academy is more than just a design school. Students  and staff are working together in a friendly, family-like atmosphere  with passion and dedication. We are not far from idea to action and  we aim to constantly improve in every way possible to reach our goal  of giving our students the very best education living up to the latest  market demands. 

Marbella Design Academy is really a unique place with beautiful and  inspiring surroundings. The students’ well-being matters to us just as  much as keeping a professional academic level. Each student is  supported individually as it is our desire and goal to nurture each  student’s different personalities and ideas, from their first sketches to  their finished project. 

Marbella Design Academy produces unique professional designers.  Students enrol here from more than 70 different countries. You  cannot avoid making lifelong friends and contacts worldwide. 

Our aim is to lead each one of you on a journey to reach the highest  standards of professionalism during your three years of study. It is  also our aim to help you enjoy this journey to the fullest. 

Since September 2014, Marbella Design Academy has offered  Bachelor of Arts Validated Programmes in: 

  • Fashion Design & Development
  • Graphic Design & Media 
  • Interior Architecture & Design 

As a student, you are enrolled on a programme that is validated and  quality assured by the University of Bedfordshire in England. Marbella Design Academy is proud to collaborate with the University  of Bedfordshire who oversees your programme. 

The University of Bedfordshire has an enviable reputation in the UK  and across the world, with similar partnership agreements with  educational institutions across many countries, so you are part of a  thriving global community. 

Marbella Design Academy was founded in 1995. 

In 2008 we moved to our new campus, which has been created with  passion and dedication for Marbella Design Academy to be more than  just a design school. The beauty of the environment has been an  essential element in creating our new academy building. We strongly  believe it is essential for our students to study in a location where the  connection with nature stimulates all their senses.

The Academy is within easy reach of the village of Monda, and only  15 km from Marbella and the Mediterranean Sea. Nearly 90% of the  students live in Monda during their studies. Our students do not need  to spend valuable time travelling to and from their accommodation to  their classes. They walk a few minutes in the sun through olive and  almond fields. What a great start to the day!

As a modern design academy, the building lives up to all of the  demands given to us by the Ministry of Education in Spain, which has  state-approved our institution. 

The University of Bedfordshire has also approved our building to be  the frame for our Bachelor of Arts Validated Programmes. The  campus has been designed as an inspirational place to think, create  and learn. 

On satisfactory completion and graduation from one of our three year  Bachelor of Arts Validated Programmes, the University of  Bedfordshire will award you a BA (Hons) degree, as if you had  studied at a university in England. 

Our programmes have been developed with professional experience  during more than 28 years. They are delivered and assessed by  Marbella Design Academy, with degrees awarded by the University of  Bedfordshire. 

Once the University of Bedfordshire has awarded you your BA (Hons)  degree you can enter a master’s degree at the university of your  choice. 

We are confident that your upcoming studies will be challenging,  rewarding and, above all, enjoyable. We are sure your time at  Marbella Design Academy will be one of the best times in your life  and we are equally sure that a solid achievement on your programme  will provide you with a positive start in your chosen career when you  graduate as a professional designer. 

The tuition is given in a professional, but friendly, environment where  the individual student’s cultural background and creative expression  is respected and nurtured with huge care. Besides attending lectures  delivered at a high academic level, our students also have a great  deal of personal contact with their tutors. We teach our students to  become professional designers with a strong individual style. Our  excellent tutors give you the tools, and help you on the way, by  building your self-confidence and providing support for you to solve  your projects within the demands given. We do not create clones of  the tutors; our biggest challenge is to educate you to be among the  world’s future successful designers in your own right. Allow yourself  to think outside of the box and not to follow mainstream opinions.

Follow your design dreams through passion, hard work, dedication,  research and by making the most of all your senses. Be innovative,  and just go for it! 

Above all, remember passion and hard work is the key to all success!  I send you all my best wishes on your journey. 

Helle Byrn 
Founder and CEO Marbella Design Academy

Helle Byrn - Marbella Design School

Helle Byrn

Founder and CEO Marbella Design Academy

Helle Byrn, is herself a Danish designer. Her academic background  hails from Danmarks Designskole, where she received a degree as an  interior architect in 1976. Since 1986, Helle has fronted her own  design company, Helle Byrn Design, holding international patents in  24 countries.

In 1993, Helle chose to emigrate to the warmer climate of Marbella,  in Spain. Marbella at that time was undergoing the beginning of a  major building boom, during which higher education was an  unexplored concept. In this context, in the spring of 1995 Helle Byrn  had the foresight and decided to open an international design school  in the area and hasn’t looked back since.

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