Academy facilitites - Marbella Design School

The Academy is situated in its own and specially designed 2.000m2  building in Andalusian style on 10.000m2 of land. The building lives  up to all the latest requirements for a modern Design Academy. This  includes all the facilities needed for disabled students. The building  has been constructed in accordance with the demands and stringent  requirements from the Spanish Ministry of Education, who have  approved the building and authorised the Academy its well-earned  state recognition. 

Marbella Design Academy has been awarded the: Costa del Sol  Business Award INTEGRATION IN ANDALUSIA for being the best  integrated Company. 

Our building is so lovely with a personal touch everywhere and  beautifully connected with the surrounding nature, which is greatly  inspiring for our students and staff. The classrooms and workshops  are fully equipped for their purposes. They are light and spacious with  big windows facing the surrounding nature. 

Spending your breaks sitting in the sunshine, enjoying a coffee or a  cheap healthy meal in our students restaurant, watching the colourful ducks on our duck pond, together with your student friends and  tutors in touch with the nature, it is easy to feel the happy sparkling  atmosphere among students and staff.

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