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Welcome to visiting Guest Lecturers!

Marbella Design Academy welcome interesting and or highly educated people to give lectures for our Students. The lectures can either be giving online to our students via a special Zoom invitation from our Zoom business account or the lectures can be given in person in our Cinema at our Academy.

Our Students are taught in many subjects. Are you a professional within one of the subjects our Students are taught and are you confident that a lecture given by you can be beneficial for our Students then you are welcome to contact us by phone: +34 952 45 70 90 or to send us an email to our principal Gualberto Cerron:

We are looking forward to see you Online or in person at the Academy!

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Interior Architecture & Design - Lecturers

Testimonial given by Architect Claudio Lucchesi:

“A few weeks ago, considering the lock down moment, I was invited by Prof. Caterina Sposato Head of the Interior Architecture & Design Department at Marbella Design Academy, for an online conversation with the second year Students on the Bachelor of Arts Validated programme in Interior Architecture & Design of the Academy. The Tutor asked me to make an intervention that could serve to motivate the Students. I thought of telling some experiences of my life and others I collected them above all from the world of sport to make it clear that through diligence and dedication we can plan our future.

Nelson Mandela said:” I give thanks to whatever God there is for my invincible soul, I am the master of my destiny, the captain of my soul”.

I went on to tell about my education at the London Architectural Association and how the idea of working as a group online was born, a testimony that can help understand that despite above all the delicate moments of insolation that we are experiencing, working connected online does not represent a limitation, we have been doing this for more than 20 years now.

I subsequently showed a series of ufo projects at different scales which are the product of concepts, techniques and research that have followed one another starting from those elaborated at AA using diagrammatic flows to reach the most recent studies and realizations through parametric programs.

From the many questions that the students asked me at the end of the presentation I understood that they had followed carefully and this made me very happy. A student told me that they are working on the design of how a house will be during the virus crown and since I am also facing the same problem in one of my projects I told him that I am curious to see their results and Professor Sposato has me invited to a future revision.

It was a moment that will contribute to my personal and professional growth.”

Statement of Online lectures given by Marbella Design Academy

Statement made by Ahmed Amin – Architect PhD. Ahmed is situated in Milano – Italy and has been invited to some of the Marbella Design Academy online lectures given to the Interior Architect students during the Corona virus lockdown, by the Head of the Marbella Design Academy – Interior Architecture & Design Department – Caterina Sposato – Architect PhD.

Our online lectures are given to our students using our Marbella Design Academy – Zoom Business Account. Here is what Ahmed has stated about Caterina´s online lecture:

“I was invited by Marbella Design Academy to attend the 3rd year students online classes under the theme: Towards using new futuristic technologies. Based on my experience in the field of nano technology we started discussing the new techniques the students want to use in their projects and how they can apply them.  These techniques included the photovoltaic solar panels that can cover the building approaching zero energy results by converting the sunlight into renewable energy. Some students used the interaction design between physical architecture and the digital walls planted with sensors that feels the human body location and interact with him/her trough lighting or temperature control in the room. On the other hand there was a student who established an idea of responsive materials that are newly used among designers in the fashion filed. We discussed how she can develop it and connect that concept with some other technologies like shape memos alloys. 

Although my academic experience in teaching in five of the top international universities in the world in different countries. I was surprised of how innovative the students at Marbella Design Academy are. They have great insightful ideas with futuristic visions that can change the world.  What dazzled me, and I liked the most, is how these students are aware of the marked needs and how the teaching staff in Marbella Design Academy are providing solutions to close the existing wide gap between the academic approach and the real marked demands.”

Ahmed Amin – Architect PhD.