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Marbella Design Academy -Photoshop Summer Course

Teaching & Learning Strategies

To ensure the students’ acquisition of the skills and knowledge that will consolidate their role in their professional field, a variety of teaching and learning strategies will be used.

These will include:

Introducing ideas and exploring contextual or critical issues. Briefing classroom assignments as well as independent projects.

Staff-led seminars

Developing and discussing contextual issues relevant to the curricula.


The required specific skills are analysed and related issues, technical challenges or problems are taught and specialized techniques practiced.

Seminars and Master Classes

Students will be exposed to a wide range of issues in relation to contemporary practice in the field.

Educational Trips and Visits

Develop an awareness of contemporary practice and a range of references for use in approaching problems in a professional environment.


Used both individually and in small groups, for the close attention to the development of each individual’s work and monitoring of their progress.

All teaching delivered at module level is designed to support the development of individual and independent learning and is organized as:

  • Supported: taught time, such as lectures, seminars, tutorials etc. where students are offered direct support for their education by staff.
  • Directed: where students are carrying out assignments overseen by teaching staff.
  • Independent: study or assignment period completely independent of tutors.