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Marbella Design Academy - Screenprinting
Marbella Design Academy -Photoshop Summer Course

Screen Printing + Photoshop Course

SCREEN PRINTING: Screen printing is a method of making an image using stencils. These are attached to a mesh that is stretched over a frame. Using a squeegee, ink is pulled through the stencil to create an image. Screen printing as a process is intrinsic to graphics, advertising and packaging. This is owing to its versatility of scale, colour and, overall, the ease with which you can produce large production runs cost effectively. These factors drew fine artists to using screen printing as a medium during the 1960’s pop art movement.

The first half of the course is structured so that you will learn a range of stencil making techniques within the non-photographic and the photographic spheres. Beginning with autographic (non-photographic) stencil making, we will deal with paper stencilling, direct stencilling using wax crayon / liquid filler and wax resist. We will move on to learn about the different ways of making a photographic stencil, through the use of hand drawn positives and photographic positives. Practicing with these methods you will learn how to plan a print. We will also cover setting up your workspace, ink mixing / colour mixing, paper handling, monoprinting and editioning.

The second part of the course is structured around your individual application of these techniques. Together we will work towards strengthening your image-making skills and so, your sense of authorship.

PHOTOSHOP: The Photoshop Summer Training Course at the Marbella Design Academy will illustrate how to use Adobe Photoshop to perform a multitude of different image-processing techniques. In this course, the use of several tools for selecting parts of images will be analysed, as well as moving, duplicating and resizing images. Layers, layer effects, filters, painting and blending, and colour modification will also be studied. The creation of a medium-complexity image and manipulation (photo-montage) will be explored as well as touch-up of photos and the use of Adobe Camera Raw.

The students are welcome to bring a project of their own to be solved during the course.

Required Equipment

Laptop PC or MAC: We recommend you to use a Lap Top with sufficient RAM memory and a powerful graphic card. We also recommend a 13 to 15” screen.

Computer Programmes: Please make sure you get the programmes in the same format as your laptop (for example a Mac formatted program will not work on a PC).

  • Adobe Photoshop – CS6 version or higher

You can download a trial version which is valid for 30 days or you can as a student at the Academy buy a student version of the programme.

Students Work

Important Information

Tuition Fees: 2000 €

Tuition Language: English

Duration: 5 weeks

16 July to 17 August 2018

4 Hours daily (Monday to Friday)
From 09:00 to 13:00

International Students

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