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3D Max Programmes Summer 2020

SPECIAL OFFER  OF ONLY 300EUROS PER WEEK, FOR OUR ONLINE SUMMER COURSES 2020! Because of the extreme Corona Virus situation – are our 3D MAX Summer Courses 2020 offered with online tuition. We keep our high quality level of our tuition online delivered using our Zoom business account. The classes are interactive with only 20 students per class. The Summer Courses are taught by our highly professional tutors present during the tuition hours 9.00 to 13.00 Western European time during the announced time of the Summer Course. Limited places for 20 online students only. When the online Summer Course has been satisfactory completed, the Student receive a signed Certificate awarded by Marbella Design Academy. Please apply in good time!

It is great to master a 3D programme. This Summer Course are for all designers or people interested in learning how to make professional 3D Max computer drawings. With the 3D Max Programme you can produce professional 3D computer drawings of your ideas – projects.

When you have learned to use the 3D Max programme you can easily and effectively visualise your ideas to the client. Such as architectural project, interior architecture projects, product design projects, furniture design projects as well as any other ideas-projects you need to visualise from different angles for your client.

The 3D Max programme is offered in two versions.

  • 3D Max 1, which is just the 3D Max programme (13 July to 31 July)
  • 3D Max 2 which also include tuition in After Effects, an extra 2 weeks (13 July to 14 August)

Both 3D Max 1 and 3D Max2 are great programmes to master especially when combined with the AutoCAD programme.

3D Max2: Video with 3D Max – After Effect.

The students are welcome to use a project of their own to be solved during the course.

We look forward to welcoming you to our online 3D MAX Summer Courses 2020.

You will be fully registered when you have paid the Fee for your Summer Course to the Bank Account of Marbella Design Academy:

BANK NAME: UNICAJA – Avd. Ricardo Soriano, 6. 29600 Marbella-Málaga-Spain.

ACCOUNT: 2103 0154 79 0030026289.

OWNER: Marbella Design Academy.

SWIFT CODE: UCJAES2M (A transfer from your bank using SWIFT – take 3 days).

IBAN Code: ES02 2103 0154 79 0030026289 (Important)

ACCOUNT: Please send proof of payment to our Finance Department: .

As soon as payment has been received our Finance Department will send you a confirmation of payment and registration on your chosen Summer Course 2020.

Our summer courses are a huge success. See you online in July/August 2020.

Required Equipment

PC Laptop (portable computer).  We recommend you to use a Lap Top with sufficient RAM memory and a powerful graphic card. We also recommend a 13 to 17” screen.

Computer Programmes: Please make sure you get the programmes in the same format as your laptop (for example a Mac formatted program will not work on a PC).

  • 3D Max Programme – latest version.
Marbella Design Academy - Interior Architecture Works
Marbella Design Academy - Interior Architecture Works

Summer Course Registration Form


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Tuition Fees

If you answered NO to the above question, please enter and confirm the email address of the person responsible for your tuition fees otherwise just leave the fields blank.


Privacy Advice

In no case will your email address, address or phone number be transferred to third parties outside Marbella Design Academy under any concept without your express permission. To read our Data Protection and Privacy Policy please click here .

Important Information

Tuition Fees:

3D Max1: 900€

3D Max2 + After Effects: 1.500€

Tuition Language: English


– 3D Max1, 3 weeks,

13 July to 31 July 2020

3D Max2 + After Effects, 5 weeks,

13 July to 14 August 2020

ONLINE with interactive Tuition.

4 Hours daily (Monday to Friday)
From 09:00 to 13:00

International Students

International students can enter on a Tourist Visa, which is valid for 3 months. See More


We will help you find good, suitable and economic accommodation in Monda for the time of your stay of your chosen course. See More

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