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Guest Students

Every spring, from the start of January to the middle of June, the Academy opens its doors to guest students who come from other design institutions around the world.

Many design schools give their students the option to travel to design schools in other countries for long or short periods during their studies. This provides excellent experience and we at the Marbella Design Academy are delighted to receive these students who come with fresh ideas and different cultural backgrounds.

Guest students mingle with the regular students at the college and follow the programme for the course they enter. Guest Students can enter in the level of their education. We are pleased to report that all of our previous guest students have returned home with excellent portfolios and higher skills.

If you are already a student at another design school and would like to visit us as a guest student, please select ‘Guest Student’ on the application form when asked which course interests you.

Marbella design academy

My stay as a Guest Student at the Marbella Design Academy was totally different from studying at University in Germany. I was very surprised by the friendly atmosphere at the academy. The teachers and students were working well together in a nice and friendly atmosphere. My experience at the Marbella Design Academy showed me that it works really well when the environment and the relationship between teachers and students is nice and harmonious. I really learned a lot. I wouldn’t want to miss the experiences that I had during my stay at the academy. Thanks!

Gwenn from Germany – Interior Architecture Guest Student

Course fees for Guest Students

6.000 Euros

Plus a registration fee of 500 Euros.