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Darkon & Nikky - Excellent Chefs in GAUDI - Our Student Restaurant

The Gaudi Restaurant, located at Marbella Design Academy, is under new management this year.


The new team, Darkon and Nikky, are both very experienced and have taken on the management and catering in the restaurant, providing our students with a variety of healthy and freshly cooked food each day to a Student friendly price!


The Gaudi serves breakfast, brunch and lunch, offering a variety of daily changing menus, as well as freshly prepared snacks, cakes, sandwiches, fresh fruits and juices, all in a friendly atmosphere.


Each day Chef Darcon prepares popular vegan and vegetarian versions of the daily dishes in order to cater to as many of the staff and students as possible.


All the ingredients are fresh to guarantee the best quality and flavour, and to serve the best possible dishes and ‘brainfood’.


The restaurant is open every day from 8.00 to 16.00, Monday to Friday, except during academic holidays.

Darkon´s & Nikky´s Menù for their delicious home made food

Breakfast is served every morning from 8.30

Lemon Drizzle
Fresh fruits and fruit salads
Fresh orange juices
Healthy energy juices (ginger, carrot, and oranges).

Sandwiches (available until lunch):
Tuna, sweetcorn and mayo
Turkey salad
Cheese, onion and tomato
Egg mayo and spring onions
And more
Available fresh or toasted on request.

Burgers (standard or vegetarian)
Variety of curries eg. Chicken Tikka Masala, coconut curry, etc.
Nachos with toppings
Pasta with fresh sauces
Roasted cauliflower and broccoli
Baked potatoes with different fillings
Stuffed pepper
…And much much more.”

UUUMMMMM! You probably will get fat during your Studies as Darkon´s cakes are super gooooddd!

For sure, probably and almost certain GAUDI is the Worlds best Student Restaurant! And Darkon the best Chef ever! *******

GAUDI our Student Restaurant is open between 8.00 and 16.00! All relatives are welcome to come and enjoy the wonderful atmosphere at Marbella Design Academy for a meal or for just a coffee!!!!