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Marbella Design Academy - Monda
Marbella Design Academy - Marbella

Budget & Living costs

Living in Monda. The best of both worlds....

Living in Monda.

Besides being taught to a high academic level in a friendly atmosphere and in lovely surroundings, you will also have the opportunity to taste the local Spanish lifestyle on a very reasonable budget and living costs, whilst at the same time being only 15km from cosmopolitan Marbella.

Monda is a charming, typically Spanish village with many small squares, restaurants and bars. An idyllic small town, it is abundant with flowers, orange and palm trees and surrounded by the beautiful Spanish country side. A real Andalusian white village only a short walk from the Academy. 80% of our students live in Monda where they enjoy a social life together outside of the Academy.

Students live in good furnished apartments. Most share an apartment and have their own room and bathroom. If two students share an apartment they might typically expect to pay around 250 Euros (each) per month, including water and electric.

Monda has become a small university town for our students. The Academy is only 3 minutes walk from Monda. Outside of school hours students visit each other or they socialise in one of the many cafés, restaurants or bars that Monda has to offer. As the climate is outstanding people are sitting outside year round, enjoying the sun and the lovely spanish way of living. The restaurants in Monda are typically Spanish, the prices are very reasonable, and most have WiFi.

Monda also has 3 supermarkets, a butcher, a bakery, and a fruit and vegetable shop offering everyday goods at very reasonable price.

Fashionable Marbella is only 15km away on the Mediterranean shore. On the outskirts of Marbella in the large and popular shopping centre, “La Cañada”, with its shops, restaurant and cinema. Most students only visit Marbella in the week-ends and concentrate around their studies during the week. We recommend that all students live in Monda to take advantage of the cost of living, located near fellow students and the Academy. The tuition hours are 9.00 to 16.00 daily but the Academy is open until 22.00 during week days. Many students take the opportunity to study undisturbed at the Academy in the evenings.

GAUDI our student restaurant is the chill out place for all of us during our breaks. Lucy who runs our lovely restaurant serves tasty and healthy breakfast and lunches as well as coffee and cakes to all of us. The lunches are healthy and cost between 3 and 5 Euros. Lucy serves both vegetarian and non vegetarian food which we enjoy inside outside in the sun on our stunning restaurant terrace, overlooking the school pond home to playful geese and ducks. On those few colder days we sit inside our cosy restaurant in front of the log fire. On Friday afternoons we have Happy Hour when both students and staff enjoy an end of the week drink together. GAUDI also has a BBQ area and we put on a BBQ for the students for 5 Euros only, at least once per month.

Price Examples for living in Monda

  • In a café, bar or restaurant a coffee, soft drink or beer cost around 1 Euro.
  • A ‘menu of the day’ meal in a restaurant around 5 Euros.
  • 24 fresh eggs for 2 Euros
  • 1l of milk for 0,70 Euros
  • 1 hamburger for 0,60 Euros
  • 1 tray with 4 chicken legs for around 3 Euros
  • Fruits and vegetables are plentiful, very cheap and has the best taste as they have first been harvest when they have matured under the Spanish sun.

Situated in the warmest place in Europe, with 300 sunny days per year, our students benefit from all the many leisure opportunities the area has to offer. With your Marbella Design Academy student card you can get a discount most places for example at the museums on national transport. Please check the leisure page for more information.

Personal Transportation

Students might want to think about buying themselves a second hand car for whilst they are here,

An old car, in very good condition, might sell for around 1.000 Euros. In the past, many of our students have bought an old car and then sold it for almost the same price after graduation.

The area really is so rich in things to see and to do with some of the loveliest cultural cities such as Granada, Sevilla and Córdoba within just a 2 hour drive away. Málaga city, our provincial capital, is also a fantastic town by its own right, which can be reached in a short 25 minute drive from the Academy.

Come and join us at Marbella Design Academy, get trained by our highly skilled international tutors for you to be the best in your chosen field and at the same time enjoy what may well be the best time of your life!