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Aims of our Academic Programmes

At Marbella Design Academy – we aim to give students a comprehensive education to consolidate their professional resourcefulness and to pave their way for entrance into the design industry of their choosing. To achieve this, the Academy strives to:

  • Provide students with Bachelor of Arts validated programmes designed to offer comprehensive and balanced knowledge, incorporated within an intellectually demanding study scheme, allowing them to evolve towards assuming a professional position and continuous progression within their chosen industry.
  • Provide students with well-honed practical capacities and in-depth understanding of the realities of the ever-changing technology within their field, ensuring permanent growth of their resourcefulness and creativity.
  • Provide students with in-depth training on the commercial aspects of their chosen profession, in order to allow them to exploit the acquired capabilities and knowledge.
  • Provide students with the opportunity to develop transferable skills in communication, self-management, time management and problem solving, as well as giving them a comprehension of the complexity of human relations both in a social and personal context within this and other professional fields.
  • Provide students with a profound analytical skill, critical awareness and intellectual independence, stimulating originality of thought and idea.
  • To provide students with the confidence to challenge conventions and engage in ground-breaking evolution of their chosen field with the means to defend their ideas and decisions with informed conviction.
teacher and student - Marbella design academy
student interior architecture in Marbella Design Academy