Study in sunny Spain for your BA (Hons) degree in Fashion Design

The 3-years programme in Fashion Design that is offered to the students at the Marbella Design Academy was developed and is delivered and assessed by Marbella Design Academy, awarded by and quality assured by Middlesex University. Programme start twice per year. In the middle of January and in the middle of September each year.

Fashion Design programme introduction

Marbella Design Academy is one of the best and most affordable places in the world to study for a degree in Fashion Design. Spain is a mecca for Fashion and some of the world most famous fashion designers are Spanish. Besides many others, Spain is home to the famous “Zara” fashion empire, with several hundred stores worldwide.

Fashion design is big business. We all wear clothes and we spend quite a lot of money on new clothes every year. So, being a professional Fashion Designer is a great career with many opportunities to either create your own brands and collections or to gain employment in one of the numerous fashion houses worldwide.

You will learn every aspect of the fashion industry

Through this course our upcoming fashion designers learn how to combine design and marketing, in preparation for a bright and rewarding future. Our tutors place great value on ensuring that our students know every aspect of the career and the industry. You will follow your designs from the first sketches to the finished results, which you will sew by your own hand. Marketing and business management is very important too, so we teach you to be a highly skilled in this discipline as well. Besides creating your own collections you will be taught how to start up and grow your own business and how to sell your creations on the marketplace. At Marbella Design Academy you will be taught everything you need to know within the Fashion Design industry, in a wonderful and inspiring atmosphere.

Our fashion designers also participate regularly in many competitions and shows. Best of all, many of our students have even won competitions in which professionals take part at the same time.

University degree in fashion design

The Fashion Design programme is of such a high academic standard that it is validated by Middlesex University London who themselves award our students with an official Bachelor of Arts degree once they have completed the programme. When the students have satisfactorily completed their 3-year programme and been awarded their BA (Hons) degree, they may then choose, if they wish, to apply for a Master’s Degree at Middlesex University an additional 10 months or at any other university of their choice.

Student life is fulfilling and you cannot avoid making friends from all over the world. Come and study with us in sunny Spain and enjoy the best time in your life. We offer lovely surroundings, with great design programmes taught in English. Students live in really wonderful, furnished apartments from only 250 euros per month and day to day living costs are especially low in Spain.

Marbella Design Academy has been recognised as one of the top design schools in the world. You will graduate at a very high professional level, ready to jump-start your career as a highly skilled and advanced Fashion Designer. Students receive the best training available in all the latest professional computer programmes and industry skills and, once graduated, their employment rate is nearly 100%.

Marbella Design Academy has everything you need to kick start your long & rewarding career in fashion design! Apply


Each academic year is quality controlled by external examiners, appointed by Middlesex University. When the 3-year higher education in design programmes of Marbella Design Academy have been successfully completed, students will be awarded an official BA (Hons) degree by Middlesex University London.